How Do You Know if You Have a Sewer Line Problem?

When there are issues in your sewer line, it’s important to identify and fix the problem before it gets out of hand. But, how would you even know if you had such problems? Look out for the warning signs below and if you’re experiencing any of them, be sure to call us right away to save lots of time and money down the road.

  1. Drains around your home smell bad: This common warning sign is an easy one to ignore, but it can be an early indicator of sewer line problems. If you notice foul-smelling odors rising up from multiple drains, it could be a sign that a clogged or broken pipe is causing sewage to back up into the line.
  2. You have smelly and soggy patches on your lawn: This warning sign is easy to spot since it attracts your attention by sight and smell. When a sewer line either leaks or breaks, wastewater will have nowhere to go but into the ground of your property. Keep your eyes open for smelly, soggy patches in your lawn or garden. Their presence is a surefire sign of a damaged sewer line in need of prompt repair work.
  3. Drains throughout your home are clogging: Individually clogged drains are usually not a major cause for concern. But when the issue goes beyond a single clogged drain and becomes chronic clogging in drains throughout the house, the issue is probably much more serious.
  4. Water in your toilet bubbles or rises when using the bathroom faucet: If you notice that running your bathroom faucet causes a disturbance in your toilet’s water level, this could be an early sign that all is not well with your sewage line. The same can be said for any water that backs up into drains when you flush your toilet. Both of these issues are signs that you likely need your sewage line cleaned or repaired by our plumbing team.
  5. Your laundry or bathroom lines are draining more slowly than usual: This sign might be harder to spot since drainage speeds are not usually something we notice right away. If you notice that the water from your laundry machine, bathroom sink, or shower is draining noticeably slower than before, don’t let the problem get out of hand. It’s a good idea to have us take a closer look, before the problem gets worse.

Contact Liberty Plumbing for Sewer Line Problems and Other Plumbing Needs

If you’re concerned about a sewer line problem, contact our knowledgeable Northern Virginia plumbing team at Liberty Plumbing. We’ll determine what’s causing the issue and apply the right fix. Quick action from professionals such as Liberty Plumbing can mitigate damage and prevent further complications. Our experienced team is ready to respond, assess the situation, and provide the necessary repairs to restore your home’s plumbing system to optimal working condition. Contact us today!

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