Gurgling Sink? How to Silence a Noisy Drain

As smart home devices become more popular, it’s no longer a surprise to hear your home “talking” back to you. However, unless you have “technology” we’re not aware of, there shouldn’t be a reason for your sinks to be making strange noises.

If you hear a gurgling coming from a sink drain, it’s important to identify which sink (or sinks) the noise is coming from, remove any blockages in the drainpipe or venting, and call a plumber as soon as possible.

Identify Which Sinks are Gurgling

First, note what type of sink it is, which could give you a clue to what’s happening in the drain. For example, kitchen sinks are more likely to get clogged with oils and food scraps, while bathroom sinks are prone to hair clogs. Also, check to see if any other sink or other drain is making a similar noise. If the gurgling sound shows up throughout your home, it could be a sign of a sewer line issue.

Investigate and Clear Common Blockages

Most frequently, gurgling sinks are caused by a clog or blockage somewhere in the drainage system. Clogs can be checked using the P-trap, or the curved part of the drainpipe typically found under the sink. In some cases, you can remove the P-trap and easily remove any blockage, or you may have to use a plumber’s snake through the sink drain. This is best left to an experienced plumber to perform.

Another way to check is through the vent. Your plumbing system should have a vent, usually on the roof of the home. This vent creates airflow in the drain line and prevents a vacuum from forming, making it difficult for gravity to push waste through the drainpipe and down to the sewer system. If the vent is blocked (often by leaves or bird nests), air can get trapped in the pipe, resulting in a gurgling noise when water passes through the drain. Since most of us cannot safely access the roof, it’s best to have a plumber assess the problem!

Call Liberty Plumbing to Assess and Fix the Clogged Sink

A gurgling sink is usually the sign of a minor plumbing issue. If you can’t find the source of the problem or are unable to “silence” the sink, then it is wise to enlist an experienced plumber. As mentioned earlier, it’s possible that a more severe and hidden issue (like a blocked sewer line) may be behind the gurgling.

When you’re tired of your sink drain “talking back” to you, contact our knowledgeable Northern Virginia plumbing team at Liberty Plumbing. We’ll determine what’s causing the gurgling noise and apply the right fix. Quick action from professionals such as Liberty Plumbing can mitigate damage and prevent further complications. Our experienced team is ready to respond, assess the situation, and provide the necessary repairs to restore your home’s plumbing system to optimal working condition.

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