Professional Drain Cleaning Services

When you run water down the drain, it must go through a network of pipes and eventually make its way into the sewer system. However, the water cannot easily get through when a pipe or sewer line is clogged. That often leads to drains backing up and depositing sewage into your home. Scheduling drain cleaning at the first sign of trouble is one of the best ways to avoid this situation.

Reasons To Have Your Drains Cleaned

There are many reasons you may need your drains cleaned by a professional plumber. Some of the most common problems that prompt Northern Virginia customers to call us include:

  • Slow drains — If you notice that a specific drain is running slower than usual, drain cleaning can often knock out the clog quickly and easily. However, when the issue affects multiple drains, you may need a main-line cleaning to eliminate the clog.
  • Water backing up — Standing water in a sink or tub is a sign that you have a blockage that needs to be removed.
  • Fruit flies around drains — The presence of certain insects, such as fruit flies and fungus gnats, could be a sign that there is organic matter built up in the pipes. If you notice them around the drains, it is an excellent time to schedule a  preventative cleaning service, even if the water is draining well.

Preventative maintenance — Soap residue, hair, and cooking scraps and oils can accumulate in drains and, over time, lead to clogging or slow drains. Having regular cleanings can help you avoid a blockage.


Types of Methods Used for Cleaning Drains

At Liberty Plumbing, we can remove many routine clogs manually with a power drain auger. It is a quick and efficient method, especially for smaller cogs or those in ancillary lines.

Larger clogs or those in the main sewer line may need additional services. For example, hydro jetting, which uses high-pressure water sprayed directly into the pipes, can be used for demanding jobs. You might want to think of it as internal pressure washing.

Many customers choose to schedule cleanings for preventative reasons. In these cases, we will carefully select the best methods based on your home’s plumbing. Sewer line maintenance is an excellent example of this type of service since it can help keep the mainline clear and reduce the likelihood of a backup.

Video Inspections for Tough To Diagnose Drains

Video inspections are beneficial in situations where the blockage is challenging to locate. For example, if there are foul odors indicating a problem with the sewer line, the video lets us look directly into the lines to identify the size and scope of your plumbing troubles. As a result, our technicians can develop an appropriate removal and repair plan.

Liberty Plumbing has been meeting the plumbing needs of Northern Virginia homeowners for more than a decade. Our experienced plumbers provide professional and courteous drain cleaning services, whether for routine maintenance or an emergency situation. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your service.