Your Plumbing Professionals in Gainesville, VA

Whether you own a house or run a business, property and facilities upkeep is essential. That includes your plumbing, a critical lifeline for supplying clean water and carrying wastewater out of your premises.

To maintain this lifeline, it’s important to build a solid relationship with a reputable plumber that performs exceptional quality work with a customer-centric focus. Providing world-class service from skilled and courteous professional plumbers,

Liberty Plumbing is a trusted and highly-rated plumbing contractor around Gainesville, VA.

Plumbing and Fixture Services

Liberty Plumbing offers comprehensive commercial and residential plumbing service in Gainesville, VA. We provide unmatched quality, reliability and integrity on every project. Our team of professionals includes Journeyman and Master Plumbers with decades of experience. We offer inspection, maintenance and repair services for every type of plumbing fixture inside your home or office:

  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Bathtubs
  • Faucets
  • Drains

Besides these fixtures, we can also handle laundry connections, outdoor hose bibs and other miscellaneous plumbing equipment. We install, repair and replace hot and cold water supply lines plus drainage lines for your washing machine. Outdoor faucets are especially susceptible to problems such as cracking, freezing, blockages and leaks. Our skilled technicians diagnose and repair these common issues.

Water Heater Services

Liberty Plumbing’s technicians also service traditional and tankless water heaters, both gas- and electric-powered versions. We perform installations and replacements plus burner, ignition system, thermostat, and drain repairs.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals are indispensable pieces of equipment. You rely on yours every day to neatly discard all those little bits of solid food waste. Broken disposals are major inconveniences, but Liberty Plumbing takes away these headaches with high-quality dependable repair services. We also perform garbage disposal installation and replacement in Gainesville, VA.

Exterior and Specialty Plumbing

While major issues can develop with interior plumbing fixtures, it’s also important to maintain the lines that connect to your house or business location. While a broken toilet or faucet can disrupt normal operations, water main or sewer line issues impact both your incoming water supply and outgoing waste disposal.

As part of Liberty’s plumbing repair service in Gainesville, VA, we perform installations, inspections, troubleshooting, diagnosis and problem resolution. We provide several specialty services:

  • Water mains: Flushing and winterization
  • Water pumps: Preventative maintenance
  • Sewer lines: Video inspections, cleaning and trenchless repair
  • Septic systems: Preventative maintenance

Liberty Plumbing also specializes in gas line installation, repair and maintenance. Our experienced technicians approach each of these tasks with the utmost care to ensure dependable functioning and safety. We service gas supply lines for your kitchen, hot water heaters and other appliances.

Northern Virginia’s Plumbing Experts

Since 2008, homeowners and commercial customers have counted on Liberty for affordable high-quality plumbing service around Gainesville, VA. We’re licensed, insured and bonded, plus we offer a full warranty on all our labor. With our around-the-clock services, we’re always here whenever you need us — drain cleanings, sewer inspections, burst pipes, garbage disposal repairs or the pesky backed-up toilet at 2:30 a.m. that you can’t unclog. To schedule services or learn more, complete our contact form online. You can also call us 24 hours a day at 703-263-0155.